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Welcome to eTours !

eTours has pride itself in being a professionally accommodating service provider of attraction tickets and tours. We have provided enthusiastic vacationers a helping hand in planning and fulfilling their dream vacations. From thrilling themed amusement parks to exciting and entertaining sightseeing, we offer tickets and tours at affordable prices.

Whether it be family vacations/reunions, business/corporate retreats, or groups of adventurers of all ages, we deliver an exclusive experience that will create a lifetime of wonderful memories. We also cater to groups that seek a personalized VIP experience, with elite accommodations for small groups.

With excellent customer service, our friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous agents and tours guides are here to relieve you of the tedious job of planning your trip. Just sit back, relax, and get ready to have the time of your life.
I have always wanted to visit Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Vista but never had a lot of extra money to truly experience the park. This year was different because Etour saved me a significant amount of money allowing me to have a better time. The whole process was great, I will be using them again this summer.    - Maureen J. West Covina, CA
Maureen J.
This was a great experience. I enjoyed my time visiting Disneyland and Sea World San Diego. I was able to easily see both parks and save a large amount of money. Great service and amazing shuttle services too. This is worth the savings and is simply too easy for someone not to take advantage of.    - William Peterson Chula Vista, CA
William P.
This was my first time to California. I am originally from Hong Kong and come to the states twice a year. I came on a budget and wanted to experience so many sights and landmarks. Thanks to the low pricing of eTours I was able to visit Universal Studios, Disneyland and SeaWorld. They also provided shuttle service to me which helped so much since I did not know the routes.   - Dong L. Hong Kong
Dong L.
This was hands down the best time I have had using a ticket agency. I saved a decent amount of money and had no stress when trying to plan my Disney vacation. The savings was fair and the process was easy.    - Kendra Brown Seattle, WA
Kendra Brown
Good pricing, fair process and simple to use. Good employee interaction and excellent communication. I have no complaints. I rate the entire eTours package 5 stars.
- Maria Gonzales Mexico
Maria G.
I was surprised by the savings! $17 dollars off a person for each ticket. Free shuttle service and translation services. I had a very nice time and my family was able to enjoy themselves thanks to etour tickets. Thanks!   - Kim Guo
Kim Guo
This was my first time using a ticket agency since I am a resident of Southern California. I have to admit I did not think it would be so beneficial and easy but I was proven wrong as this was a great experience. I was able to save quite a bit of money and did not have to hassle with parking or waiting for the tram since I was able to use the shuttle service provided by the agency. I recommend using the service and will come back next year.   - Brandy T. North Hollywood, CA
Brandy T.
This is truly a saving! I saved $17 off of each ticket and did not have to worry about the tickets being legitimate. Great service and products - no complaints here.
- Ralph Nickbumly Portland, OR
Ralph N
One of the very best discount tour places in California. The prices were very reasonable and had a great amount of savings. I enjoyed my whole vacation from the very beginning up until the very end and I am very happy to say this would not be possible without eTours. Thanks so much!
- Edward B. Salt Lake City, UT
Edwards B.
My family wanted to visit the new Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure. It had been a while since my family and I visited the park so we decided to visit both parks and chose to get the Park Hopper pass from eTours. We found the site online and thought the price was good. My experience was good and interactions with the staff went well. I have no complaints and recommend this agency to others too.  - David S. Henderson, NV
David Henderson
I made my entire purchase online from my own home. Everything was simple and easy. The complete purchase took less than 10 minutes from start to end. I saved just under $20 a ticket and enjoyed my visit.   - Larry Donovan  Billings, MT
Larry Donovan
Thank you for helping me save money. I was able to save nearly $100 for my large group. We celebrated a family reunion at the park and had a great time. For others with large groups I highly recommend you use the free shuttle service which drops you off at the Denny's which is just a short walking distance away from the entrance to the park. This same serviced picked us up and saved us even more money since we didn't have to pay for parking. We had a great time and saved a large sum of money. Thank you eTours!   - Latoya Ransome Atlanta, GA
Latoya Ransome
I recently purchased tickets for my family of five to visit Sea World San Diego. I was quite surprised how easy this process was. I easily purchased my tickets online which was hassle free and simple to do. The savings were substantial and really helped me have more money for my food and souvenirs at the park. - Sally H. Glendale, AZ
Sally H.
Stumbled across this agency on Facebook. Fair pricing, easy to use and actually delivered pricing and services as promised. I will go back and would recommend others to go with these guys too, especially since they are so close to Disneyland.   - Adam Green San Bernardino, CA
Adam Green
Call ahead of time and get a confirmation text to get a better deal. Why? I dont know. Instead of $137 for the 1-day park hopper, I got it for $118. 
The staff was very friendly and assured me that everything will be fine that they buy their tickets in bulk of 100s to be able to sell it at a discounted rate. I was a little worried still but my aunt and uncle had a blast, so no complaints here. 
Will be coming back. Ü

Disneyland Ticket promotion for Spring 2014. Hopper ticket 1 day @$120.00, save $17.00 off gate price of $137.00.  
Promo code CL17 at checkout page will save you ($17.00) of the gate price.
Yelp Review by Aline of Cerritos 1/10/14
I always refer to this place whenever I go Disneyland because they have a pretty good deal for Disneyland. It's super convenient because its literally just 3 minutes away from Disneyland by car. The workers are super friendly and personable. I definitely recommend people to check out the discounted tickets for Disneyland. Totally worth it! : )
Yelp review from Leana C. 6/7/2013
Got my Disneyland park hopper tickets here - great price and awesome staff!
Yelp review from Maggie Q. 6/15/2013
My girlfriend told me how she got her discounted tickets from this place when I told her that I wanted to take my boyfriend to Disneyland for our anniversary. Any discount was helpful, especially when the tickets were already so expensive. The staff was very helpful and nice. Will definitely come back if I need any theme park tickets.
Yelp review from Ruby T. 6/15/2013
I was referred to this place a while ago when I was planning a trip to Disneyland.
At first I was skeptical but I was reassured from my friend that she's purchased from E Tours before.

DIsney tickets are ridiculously expensive and I've looked around for discounts and even my own job didn't offer any good prices. E Tours has tickets to a lot of other theme parks which are discounted by fairly good amounts. 
Don't forget to check in on yelp!
The Parkhopper ticket I got for Disneyland was discounted at about $10 which is pretty good compared to what I saw at other places. 
What made E Tours more appealing was you can park your car in their secured lot and get a free shuttle to the gates! Which saves you about another $15 bucks. They're only about 5 minutes away which is about the same distance between the gates & the disneyland parking structures.

I would recommend getting your tickets to Disneyland from E Tours Tickets!
You don't have to wait in line, you save money on both ticket & parking. It's that easy! =)
Yelp review from Cynthia Y. 6/18/2013
I heard about E Tours through a classmate. My classmate said that E Tours offers discounted Disneyland tickets. This was great to hear as neither my wife, nor sister-in-law could find discounted Disneyland tickets, especially for 1 day passes, and even multiple day passes through other places were only barely discounted.

We ended up saving alot of money as we had 4 adults and 2 kids that went to CA Adventure. We saved even more by utilizing the E Tours free shuttle service. We were able to park 2 cars in their lot and saved alot on parking! The store is only a few blocks from Disneyland and it is alot more convenient than waiting for the tram. And the shuttle service goes on pretty late after the store is closed for the night too.

The staff is friendly and efficient and my daughter even enjoyed their easel they had set up to keep kids busy.

We will definitely go back as they also offer discounted tickets to other parks like Seaworld and Universal Studios, and I think Legoland and Knott's too.
Yelp review from Tom L. 8/20/2013
Highly recommend this company .Easy.right next to the park.
my family of 5 peoples brough the tickets from them.
it save me a lot of money to buy some foods or drinks at the park.we go to Disney every year.hope to see to next year.of cause will recommend my friends to buy the tickets from you!thank you so much! we all have fun!
Yelp review from Erica H. 8/23/2013
Was refer to E-tours tickets by a friend and I'm very glad I was. I highly recommend it. Its Easy and near to the park. I decided to take my nieces and saved a lot of money by buying the tickets from them to buy some foods or drinks at the park and of cause I will recommend my friends to buy the tickets from you! thank you!
Yelp review from Sonia A. 11/19/2013
This company offers the best prices on admission to California theme parks.  I saved $9.00 on an adult day pass to Knotts Farms!
Yelp review from William S. 13/20/2013
Great pricing, good location and extremely easy to use. This was my second time and will not be my last time.   - Ah Lam Wang New York, NY
Ah Lam